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Building a product is one thing, Supporting

it is another.

Launching a product is just the beginning. Continual improvement is the how good ideas become high-performing products, and our experts will take you all the way.

It is ALWAYS time to innovate.

You don’t have to be an developer to think like one. Your vision begins with setting a strategic intention. Let us help map out a strategy that fits your company goals.

What is KBOT?  (Kinectra Build Operate Transfer)

KBOT provides companies the ability to leverage the value of outsourcing partners, while at the same time, maintaining a plan to keep the intellectual property and the business operations in house as part of the company. Typically, with this set-up, Kinectra will have local knowledge and relationships that most businesses do not have internally. Therefore, our clients will not need to learn the local intricacies of doing business, hiring, or finding office space. Instead, the company can focus on their core business, while we oversee the development and operation of the new group, and only transfers ownership back to the company when the company is ready for it.

  • Rapid scaling of operations 

  • Wider service offerings, quickly filling business model gaps 

  • Lower infrastructure set-up costs 

  • Reduced time to operations through utilization of knowledgeable 3rd party management resources responsible for: 

  • Real Estate

  • Government rules and regulations Cultural transition

  • IT infrastructure procurement

  • Security and others

KBOT Advantages

Many small and medium sized businesses today face growing pressures of speed to market, staffing costs, and scalability, which leads to the consideration of outsourcing of business needs. As technology and other key business needs are evaluated, the option of outsourcing development and maintenance tasks has become cost-effective and strategically viable.

In simple language, KBOT is a turn-key program designed for any size business to create, evolve, or expand their current technology or staffing needs.  For many companies that already have a great IT team, but are lacking in bandwidth or relevant technical skills related to this rapidly changing technology environment.  Other companies have a great idea but do not have the technical know how to develop what they are needing. 


Kinectra has designed the ideal solution for companies who want to get to the next level by incorporating low cost resources with high technical skills, but they do not have access to the resources or know how to vet the candidates effectively.


In this phase we manage the offshore organization in various aspects such as: Program Management, Development, QA, maintenance, enhancements, and support.  Our turn-key operation will save your company countless man hours and allow for our organization to worry about productivity, terminations, and incentive programs that can be time consuming and expensive.


In this phase, our team will hand select a team of employees from a wide selection of applicants in Argentina, India and the United States.  We set-up the facility and all required infrastructure, we then proceed to staff the governance and development teams, and finally begin to establish knowledge transfer and provide training. 


In this phase we register a new offshore subsidiary for the customer, transfer assets, and handover operations.  Our team handles all H1 Visa preparation and handles the Human Capital requirements so that your IT and HR organizations can focus on it’s daily routines.

The K-B-O-T model lowers business risks by providing diversification of investments, workforce and infrastructure, which can enable flexibility and act as a hedge for most small and medium scale enterprises.

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