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OK Chatbot, Tell me everything about Watson, Azure and Lex.

In a previous blog, we talked about chatbots, especially the use of these chatbots in consumer virtual assistants. Programs like Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant all bring their own unique flair to the world giving consumers a plethora of options to make a choice; this is also true of the enterprise level. Chatbots on an enterprise level are typically built to help customers with their issues. They typically have high functioning integrates into programs like Face

book Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, Kik and more. The chatbots that we used to integrate into the product are our high function artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning programs. This article will focus the use and practices of IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Lex.

You might have seen or heard of Watson in the year of 2017. Last year, Watson had commercials all over; it on was even on Jeopardy - and won. What is Watson? It is an IBM supercomputer with advanced analytical software and artificial intelligence (AI), which boost this system has the preeminent way of answering a question. Watson has been marketed as a fully realized chatbot that has all of the answers; it is so much more than that. It relies on the advanced algorithms that help it learn to adapt and question situations. Being a chatbot is typically seen as a computer only interface, but it extends to call centers. Watson has revolutionized the call centers for companies such as Autodesk, UBank and Staples. Watson is differ

ent because it is focused on being the AI chatbot that can help in regards to customer service.

Microsoft is synonymous with creating one of the largest computer companies in the world; in the tech world, it does much more than creating computers. Azure is Microsoft’s cloud-based services company. It can give you access to a variety of things like SQL Databases, Backup, Virtual Machines, DDoS Protection and more. Azure also has its own chatbot framework called Azure Bot Service. It works like other chatbots with full integration into apps like Skype, Slack, Kik and more, but it doesn't have a call implementation option. Azure has been implemented into

companies such as NaviTime, Dixon’s Carphone, and UPS. The thing that makes Azure different from Watson, is that Azure is an entire cloud service company, while Watson is a specialized chatbot.

With the success of Alexa, Amazon has recently chosen to modify their AWS with a new chatbot AI called Lex. Lex is Amazon’s answer to competing with companies like IBM, Microsoft and Google. It uses the base of Alexa’s technology to create a fully customizable conversation experience with ease. Lex has full integration capabilities into Facebook Messenger, Slack and Kik. It also can create apps from the dashboard that can be implemented in no time. The feature that makes a significant difference with Lex is the speech recognition and natural language understanding. Amazon has proven that Alexa is work, with it being one of the most popular virtual assistants and using that technology has made Lex a bi

g contender for call center integration.

These three companies can fight for dominance, but they all push each other to improve. Chatbots are a proven path to the future of AI. The world of sci-fi is closer than we can imagine. Watson, Azure and Lex may do similar things, but they can be marketed to different people for different needs. The purpose of enterprise chatbots to assist with customer service, drive products and enhance the overall experience.

Chatbots in 2018 are

going to advance. The work that IBM, Microsoft, Amazon and others are doing is laying the groundwork for the future of technology. At Kinectra, we believe that in 2019 chatbots will have a bigger influence in the space. Due to market trends, automation and chatbots go hand-in-hand in creating something that is usable to enterprise-level companies. With that, Kinectra has the capabilities in implementing chatbots into any company at any level. We honestly believe that helping our clients become the best they can be is the best sight to watch.

Chatbots are an interesting technology that doesn’t get talked about enough in the practical sense. Whether you are Alexa, Watson or Siri, each is bringing something different to the table that will help create our future. At Kinectra, we love to see the advancement of technology because it’s amazing to see what people can create with their mind. Chatbots are on the next level. What comes next?

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