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Disrupt Yourself

“New Year, New Me,” has become a mantra for millions of people trying to do better in their life. Why should this mantra only stick to individuals? At Kinectra, we think it should apply to companies, as well. It’s 2018, we’ve gotten to a point where digital currency is a viable option, artificial intelligence is closer than ever to passing the Turing test and there is a robot named Sofia that may or may not be the start of Skynet.

The new year is the perfect time to look back and see if something is working or not. Have you been doing something for so long, it has grown stagnant? Do you feel like your company is lacking growth in general? You need to disrupt yourself! In a time, where it is easier than ever to become an influencer, you need to strive for innovation. The best way to disrupt yourself is through Digital Transformation.

The best idea begins with a dollar and a dream. Digital innovation is a cheap way to bring life into something stale. Digital Transformation has completely reinvigorated the taxi industry with Lyft and Uber. It has changed the way the restaurant industry works with Food Bit and Doordash and revolutionized the entertainment industry with Netflix and Hulu. The possibilities are only limited by a person imagination.

Kinectra sees Digital Transformation as an innovation that you can control. In the new year, better productivity and efficiency are the best items to help a business start off in a new place. If you have an idea or would like to how Digital Transformation would look for you and your company, let us know. We have experienced and well-trained people that can help you reach new heights, at a fraction of the cost of most technology companies.

Changing for the better can seem challenging, but in the long run it’s a challenge that will prove dividends over other mundane priorities. Digital Transformation doesn’t look the same for everybody, sometimes it’s as small adding wifi to a phone booth to as big as a paper based business to completely cloud-based. How do you see disruption when you think of your company? We would love to hear!

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